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Making the shortlist for Gollancz and Rivers of London BAME SFF Award

Quick version

Bloody hell, but I’ve only made the shortlist for The Gollancz and Rivers of London BAME Award!

And I am absolutely thrilled!

Storyteller’s version

It was chilly for a Tuesday night in May. A writer was falling asleep on the sofa underneath a Harry Potter blanket (Primark bargain), and the TV was paused on Stardust. A black and white cat called Luna was curled up by the writer’s feet, sound asleep with her back paws in the air.  

Yeah, that was me. Dozing on the sofa at seven pm with Luna keeping my feet warm. And, what do I do to try and wake myself up? I check my email. Living that millennial dream, right?  

I always check my junk folder. So there I am, deleting bitcoin ads and phishing emails, when I saw it.

Like a moment of magical realism à la Jane the Virgin, I saw the email that would change the course of my destiny… too much? You’re probably right.

But I did get the greatest news EVER!  

Gollancz / Rivers of London BAME Award

Good afternoon Kyla,

Many thanks for your submission “The Reeves’ Guild” to the Gollancz / Rivers of London BAME Award.

At this point, I should say I was expecting the ‘Thank you for time, but sorry no dice’ line to follow. What can I say? I wasn’t having the greatest week (did I mention it was only Tuesday?)

Imagine my surprise when the next line read…

I’m thrilled to share the news that you are on our shortlist…

Wait, what?

Let me read that again.

No, I don’t need a new glasses. Yes, I got it right the first time.

Bloody hell, but I’ve only made the shortlist for the Gollancz and Rivers of London BAME Award!

The news is slowly sinking in. I’m chuffed that my work has been recognised and honoured to be included in this competition for BAME writers.

So that’s my giddy update! Flipping heck, pinch me!

If you made it this far… here’s the abridged version again

I, Kyla Jardine, of sound body and mind, have been SHORTLISTED for THE GOLLANCZ and RIVERS OF LONDON BAME SFF AWARD!

Huge congratulations to my fellow writers who also made the shortlist. What fantastic news!


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