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Constant Scribbler’s Writing Challenges

A new challenge for creative writers

Welcome to my new writing challenge series. Every month, I’ll be posting a new series of prompts with one aim: to get you (and me) writing.

It doesn’t matter if you write novels, short stories or flash fiction – the idea is to just write. Unleash the wordsmith within and make words appear on paper or screen!

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A few guidelines…

There are very few rules at Constant Scribbler HQ, but a few guidelines may be helpful.

  1. Silence your inner critic and just write – don’t talk yourself out of the creative process.
  2. Where wordcount isn’t the objective – aim for a minimum of 250 words per prompt. You can write more if you choose.
  3. Some prompts or challenges will have specified word counts – try and stick to them. If in doubt, 10% under or over is usually fine.
  4. Flash fiction is quick and dirty – there will be a time limit on writing and then a small window of time for a quick spelling and grammar check!
  5. Don’t forget to share your submissions using #constantscribbler and tagging me on social media.
  6. Be respectful! I’m no prude but excessive swearing, sex and/or violence may get you an EXPLICIT or NSFL marker (or just not published!).

My unbreakable Rule

While I appreciate that some of the best stories written strive to understand the human condition and therefore, can explore some disturbing themes, I have to draw a line somewhere. Therefore, I will not accept, publish or share stories and/or content that encourages, celebrates or perpetuates hate. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • racism
  • sexism/misogyny
  • homophobia, transphobia or hateful prejudice against the LGBTQ community
  • rape, sexual assault or sexual violence
  • paedophilia or any act of harm against children

This is non-negotiable!


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