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The Plan is….

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Caution: stream of consciousness post

I’m scouring social media and the interwebs for ideas for posts: something that will make my fingertips happy, so I can start tapping away at my keyboard. Instead, I’m sat at my computer, wondering, “What the hell should I write?’

I got nothing. Nada. Zilch. Niente. Bumpkiss. Sweet-F-A!


It’s not that I don’t know what to write; I don’t have writers block. It is more sinister than that. I want to write, plus I have loads of ideas! But there’s only so much space in my brain, and the process of trying to organise the crowd of ideas, characters and scenes into an orderly queue is exhausting.

With all of these creative thoughts floating around my cranium, every time I try and get them out of my head space and on to the white-space of the page, they flip-flap about and refuse to coalesce into anything tangible let along readable.

I need a plan. I need a ‘book’ plan!


Thing is, I’m an excellent planner. I go so far to say I’m an A-class organiser, but that’s probably got something to do with being a Type A personality.

Right now, I am reading one or two books on the art of novel planning i.e. wire framing, plotting, characterisations etc. So shoot me! I like systems (love a spreadsheet) and I need some kind of routine otherwise I’m never going to get the ideas out of my head and on to a page.

But recently, even reading the damn books is a chore! My eyes were drifting shut, and I just wanted to run away from it all. Pretend I don’t want to do this thing called writing and do something easier…like be an accountant or just pretend I’m cool with the status quo.

GAHHHHHH! Must write! Must write!! MUST WRITE!!! But I need to plan this damn book. I keep getting distracted and it’s preventing me from writing my story.

Back to the drawing board troops. I need a deadline!

100,000 words do not write themselves in a day!
100,000 words do not write themselves in a day!

Okay here it is, my self-imposed but not impossible deadline: by the 1 April 2014, I will have planned the basic storyline and structure of the book.

I have a plan for my proposed plan! And now I have deadline! My Type A personality feels a little better now.

Signing off.