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5 Cartoons from the 1980’s That Could Survive A Reboot

Every other film headline is a reboot or a reimaging at the moment, and TV isn’t that far behind (Dallas?).The news of a reboot is usually greeted with sighs of frustration – or in my case, a multiple tweet rant for when my rage cannot be contained in 140 characters.

But here’s the thing. I think there’s a real gap in the market for rebooting 1980’s cartoons.

So TV execs, if you’re here, reading are my très awesome blog *fist bump* then here are my five recommendations for eighties cartoons, which could be rebooted for a new generation of young and impressionable minds to fall in love with.

No. 1 – ThunderCats (1985)

Those kick-ass kitties with a moral streak, are just waiting for a NEWER reboot based on the original 1985 cartoon.

And yes, I am choosing to ignore the reboot from 2011 that was cancelled after the first series. I liked it, it was fun. But imagine if ThunderCats was given a remake similar to DC Comics’ Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox or Green Lantern – Emerald Knights or Marvel Anime’s Wolverine and Blade series.

ThunderCats (1985)
ThunderCats (1985)

No. 2 – Defenders of the Earth (1986)

Since the Hollywood moguls love a superhero movie (read: love the $$$ flowing in from the box office), give us geeks something good to watch, and not a live action version!

All that action! All those moral stories! All the franchise opportunities! Hire a crack team of Korean/Japanese animators; add a few celebrity voices and voila! Instant hit! But you have to keep the theme tune or no deal!

Defenders of the Earth
Defenders of the Earth (1986)

No.3 – She-Ra: Princess of Power (1985)

I say bring back the original Princess of Power! I can’t think of a female cartoon character, where she’s not only clever, but also stronger than all of the men around her. (Wonder Woman and Dora don’t count).

Do it for the sake of the starved minds of girlkind worldwide. We need more strong female characters! Ones that don’t constantly need saving by a man or are pathologically violent psychopaths.

She-Ra (1985)

No.4 – Jem (1985)

This would be so on trend right now, especially looking at the current landscape of popular music.

Jem is a story that never gets old! She’s a normal woman with a superstar alter ego! Okay, so the plotline’s a bit thin on the ground what with holographic earrings etc. but who cares? Have you seen some of the crap on TV these days?

Jem and the Holograms (1985)

No.5 – Ewoks (1985)

TV Execs and commissioners – listen up! Star Wars is returning (again), so what better time to reboot those cute furballs than now?

Yeah? See? Not just a pretty face you know!

Star Wars mania hasn’t died since the first film was released in 1977. Now, with a whole new franchise in the making, Ewoks would be brilliant coup for a canny TV exec working in children’s television.

They’re cute, furry, and they go on adventures. #Winning!

Ewoks (1985)
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