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Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photography

Joshua Hoffine is a freelance photographer, who demonstrates his passion for the horror genre in his photography. His work is amazing and he has made a fan out of me.

Copyright: Joshua Hoffine / Via

His series of photographs based on childhood nightmares is deliciously terrifying! He designs, produces and then shoots each scene, to create powerful and rich images. Zombie fans will also enjoy his work – the detail is remarkable.

I’m glad I found Hoffine’s work, because I’m working on a project where horror and nightmares are a central focus and, I have been discussing the power of childhood fears with anyone who will participate.

Hoffine manages to capture those elements of horror that I feel are often (sadly) missing from modern films, (Silent Hill and Insidious are examples of horror done well). Because we’re only looking at one photograph, I think it’s easier for the audience: our attention can’t be drawn away from the one image in front of us. However, Mr Filmmaker, that’s not a valid excuse to use! We demand high quality horror, and until you give us the films we deserve, we’ll feed our horror fix elsewhere.

“Monsters are metaphor. All Horror refers to the same idea: there are forces of chaos and destruction in the world that can threaten us at any time, and we are powerless to control these threats…the monster’s form may change, but his ultimate meaning does not.” – Joshua Hoffine interview with Fangoria

This is also creatively serendipitous, because I’ve just written about one of my own childhood terrors: Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT. Read that here….if you dare…..mwhahahahaha!


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