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Seeing Double? Book Cover Designs Rehashed

This post made the rounds a few months ago, but it’s still worth sharing.

Why are marketeers/designers afraid to buck trends and instead opt for stereotyped genre covers?

From the text, to the use of colours; It’s as if they’re afraid consumers are either too stupid to not realise what kind of book they are buying or that they will be put off if a book cover doesn’t match those of its peers.

Even if your book looks similar, at least it’s not the same….right?


Some of these examples are just good old fashioned lazy work…different books…same stock image used! *tutu tut*

I wonder how the authors felt when they realised their hard work had been rendered indistinguishable from their competitor’s?

So much for factoring in a book’s most obvious USP: it’s cover?!

19 cliched book covers courtesy of Buzz Feed



  1. The Vampire Diaries is the story of Elena falling inlove with Damon ~LJ. Smith

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