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“I (heart) my life as a dickhead!”

If you are one of the 24,451 viewers who have already seen this hilarious and brilliant video on YouTube then please feel free to enjoy again. If you are part of the so many MILLIONS that have not then look below!  This video had me in stitches for days and now is stuck in my head!

Word of warning: after watching this video you will notice the subjects of the song EVERYWHERE! Heck, you may even be one yourself! Vive el/la Dickhead and the age of New Age fun with a vintage feel!

 Many thanks to my brother-in-law who introduced this song to me!

PS: if this offends anyone, it’s all for the cause of humour and is just plain funny!
PPS: it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want!

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  1. Imagine my pain a few months ago when I was working in Hoxton (birthplace of the hipster) as well as living in New X (the ‘new’ Hoxton)

    And you KNOW how I feel about men in skinny jeans!

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