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Old Spice Advertising

My guilty pleasure video has to be the Old Spice ad: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”.

I saw it while waiting to watch The Expendables about two weeks ago. I was crying with laughter by the end of it.

An excellent example of clever and creative marketing!

Considering the Christmas marketing campaigns will soon to be hitting TV screens and shops, this ad (from Wieden + Kennedy and Old Spice), has re-established the outdated aftershave for dads as an iconic scent for the 21st century man.

Catering to a largely female audience; the impressive musculature of Isaiah Mustafa, speeds his way through a series of scenarios (with genius comic timing), men could re-enact if only they used Old Spice and not ‘lady scented body wash’. It’s being heralded as the masculine man’s shower gel of choice.

In the USA, the ad was shown during the Superbowl Sunday in February and became an instant hit with men and women alike. Old Spice and Wieden + Kennedy have created a whole campaign, includig three more ads. They have even produced a digital response series, where people could ask the Old Spice man a question and he answered. It’s taken the interactive world by storm.

One of my favourites, is the response to President Obama’s continuing loss of female support and how to regain their votes (see below).

If you want to check the rest of the ads out, click here to go to my YouTube channel.

PS: take some time to watch the digital responses from Old Spice Man here.

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