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Me, myself and I(nternet)

Constant Scribbler has been a great platform for my views on various media bits and pieces. But there’s not been much on the writer.

So…perhaps it’s time for a ‘fess up’ session: where I pour my heart out, dissecting my life for all of webmanity* to read…?

…I think not.


Me, myself and I(nternet)

Many writers find themselves in a specialised predicament: most of us use our own experiences to flavour our work.

But with a blog the question is: ‘Can I write about myself’?

I’m no weak heart. I can (and often do) face my fears (except for big spiders – they get squished by the yellow pages, while I emit high pitched, extremely girly, screams of terror). BUT, there is fear involved when I consider writing about myself, especially for the web. Forget ‘comfort zones’ and pushing beyond them, it’s introspection on levels surpassing ‘scarcely endurably’.


The Goldilocks Theory

I’m in my own head 24/7, that’s part of the job description. But there is a caveat to personal blogging: how much is too much?

There are no limits: no editors and no guidelines. Seriously, as a blogger, you have to be like Goldilocks: willing to try a little bit of it all until you get it just right.

Personally, I cringe when people dissect their personal lives on national television. Yet, I understand we live in an age of videoed celebrity exposés and reality TV. The internet supplies the need for extensively detailed information. There are people out there who need to divulge the smallest bites of personal info to http://www. communities. It scares me how much detail is exposed.  

Ask yourself this…imagine reading a friend’s diary and there’s stuff about you in there?

Now imagine publishing the whole thing on a website for everyone to read? (On that matter…where the heck does Twitter fit with this? Dunno. Don’t care *tweets away*)

Privacy? Trust? Gone out of a proverbial Microsoft Windows browser faster than you can close a tab.

As a writer, I think I can find my ‘just right’ balance – it will take some time and guaranteed I’ll get it wrong at least once.

This post isn’t profoundly personal, but it’s a decent insight into how I feel how personal blogging. Sometimes I think, maybe my reluctance to blog my every emotion, move and conversation is a generation thing….


iGeneration versus You (or is it me?)

I feel like my generation is stuck between ‘don’t air your dirty laundry in public’ and a desire for an instant ‘reality’ gratification.

Social media in general, allows me inform everyone where I am, what I’m doing and how I feel about it. But please forgive me if I don’t join the ranks of tweeters who update every time nature calls or if don’t upload facebook pictures of me waiting for a train (perhaps with a slightly seductive pout a la Daffy or Donald *duckface pose shudder*)

Blogging is like a global first amendment: it is the embodiment of free speech. It is liberating and creatively essential. It is dangerous but thrilling.


*humanity on the web

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