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Slap My Party Leader Up!

Just when you thought election season would be boring – the guys at Albion have brought some light entertainment to the UK: The Slapometer.

The Slapometer
Who will you slap?

And before anyone gets on their high horse, I do not support the use of violence but fully agree with what Albion had to say on their website:

“We think the slapping idea reflects the sentiment surrounding this election: The dislike of all politicians, and the feeling that there’s no one to vote for – only against. Of course we’re not advocating violence, it’s a ‘Carry On’ slap, in the grand tradition of ridiculous political protest e.g. egging, flanning, Spitting Image.”

So readers…feel free to give Brown, Cameron or Clegg a good backhand or why not give them all a good slap!

Disclaimer: Slapping aforementioned politicians will not: reduce crime rates; increase spends on healthcare/education/social housing; combat the recession; reduce the amount of engineering works on train lines/tubes/roads; prevent tax dodgers; decrease the wealth gap; increase employment rates; decrease taxes; decrease the average cost of living; decrease the cost of public transportation; equalise anything; stop the war; make politicians pay back their illegally claimed expenses; inspire trust; inspire hope; change the fate of the country.

Guarantee: It will make you feel a whole lot better! 😀

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