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Praise for the Fat Bottom Girl!

Assessing hips for fat


I read an article in the Metro that women who carry more fat in their thighs, hips and bum are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. It seems the experts at Oxford University presented research to the International Journal of Obesity, where they have discovered that fat in the lower body produces hormones which help fight against diseases such as diabetes. So a bigger bum means decreased health risks.

However, before anyone starts to congratulate themselves with a tidy pat on the derrière, having a little extra ‘junk in the trunk’ is not an excuse for neglecting your health! Dr Konstantino s Manolopoulos, the lead researcher at Oxford University’s Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism also warned about the dangers of carrying extra fat in the abdominal area. Featuring on ABC News, he said tummy fat secretes a series of damaging hormones that play havoc with the metabolism of sugars and fats.

Larger thighs may be your ticket to a healthier future, but will this amazing new discovery have any have any effect on the increasing amount of women who feel they’re living in someone else’s body?

Ask any woman, on an average day what she dislikes about her body and guaranteed there will be one thing she would change. It doesn’t matter if it’s the tiniest mole or extra pounds: the majority of women want to change something about their physical appearance.

Unfortunately, until scientists develop a procedure to take one woman’s unwanted fat/height/muscle shape and transform it into another woman’s ideal body, (which if it did happen, I made a deal with a school-friend that she would swap 2 inches of height with me for the chance to fit in to a C-cup bra!), then we have to settle for what we’ve got and try to make changes through nutrition, exercise and/or surgery.

Although this discovery is being praised because it highlights the dangers of being skinny with below average percentages of body fat, it will not stop the media, fashion or health industries from displaying their ‘ideal’ female body shape. Even the fitness magazines have a tendency towards choosing models who are at least 5’9’’ and slender. One magazine had a model on the front cover that looked exactly like a fashion model. I later discovered she was indeed listed under the ‘fashion models’ at her agency.

The truth is the media display pseudo-‘curvy’ figures which have no real representation of the average woman in the UK. The advertised perfect bodies range from size 0-8 models, who tower above us mere non-models or we’re given the plus size model (which starts from a size 12, but rarely includes women above a size 18).

But, I digress… what does it matter if our media sources are not portraying the diverse body shapes and sizes of real women in the UK? Health experts at Oxford University have proclaimed fuller bottoms, wider hips and larger thighs are better for us than we thought. 1-0 to the fat bottomed girls!


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