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Ross and Krueger’s “Project Superpowers”

Dynamite Entertainment recycles superheroes for new series


Summer 2009 sees the release of Project Superpowers: Chapter Two, the anticipated follow up series from Alex Ross and Jim Krueger.


The pair originally teamed up under the banner of Dynamite Entertainment to resurrect a whole troupe of failed and unsuccessful Golden Age superheroes, including The Death-Defying ‘Devil’, Fighting Yank and Masquerade (originally called Miss Masque).

Project Superpower characters
Picture courtesy of Alex Ross & Dynamite Entertainment © Alex Ross

Artist Alex Ross, known for his work on DC Universe’s Kingdom Come, has drawn all thirteen covers, with issue #0 featuring a 3-page special edition connection cover.

Jim Krueger (of Marvel’s Earth X fame and recently named as one of Wizard’s top-ten writers), and Ross are leading a brilliant team of artists and writers to bring the latest adventures of Project Superpower to life. Readers can follow the adventures of the Golden Age superheroes as they adjust to their new-found freedom and try to redress the balance of power on Earth.

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