Books on Writing Books & The Next Deadline

In recent months I have read the following books on writing books: Chris Manby – Writing for Love – a fantastic, step by step guide to help you plot out your novel from a very successful novelist. Chuck Wendig –… Continue Reading

The Plan is….

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Caution: stream of consciousness post I’m scouring social media and the interwebs for ideas for posts: something that will make my fingertips happy, so I can start tapping away at my keyboard. Instead, I’m sat at… Continue Reading

Me, myself and I(nternet)

Lone figure among crowd of queued figures

Constant Scribbler has been a great platform for my views on various media bits and pieces. But there’s not been much on the writer. So…perhaps it’s time for a ‘fess up’ session: where I pour my heart out, dissecting my… Continue Reading

Hello World!

hello world image

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