Ever felt like your Nerd Cred was being questioned by the very same Nerd community? It’s not as rare as you think… #TESTMYNERDCRED No.1: You only like ‘xyz’ to seem cool or sexually alluring Usually, our choice to be bear… Continue Reading

‘The Storm Within’ – My Two-Part Article on X-Men’s Storm

I wrote a two-part article on X-Men’s Storm. Read it here on BlackGirlNerds.com The Storm Within: How Ororo Munroe went from BGN icon to on-screen disappointment Read part one here Read part two here    

Five Worst Comic Book Movies (Marvel & DC Universe)

Five comic adaptations from the Marvel and DC Universes that should never have been made: Catwoman (2004) Dir: Pitof Starring: Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson Halle Berry and a tight leather costume: clearly this film was an… Continue Reading