‘The Storm Within’ – My Two-Part Article on X-Men’s Storm

I wrote a two-part article on X-Men’s Storm. Read it here on BlackGirlNerds.com The Storm Within: How Ororo Munroe went from BGN icon to on-screen disappointment Read part one here Read part two here    

Guilty Pleasure Films

The Guardian has a new series starting on their film pages called ‘My Guilty Pleasure’. The series will focus on the movies Guardian critics are ashamed to confess they enjoy. Film critic Peter Bradshaw’s guilty viewing is nineties rom-com Notting… Continue Reading

‘Life in Ikea is impossible’ – Viral ‘Gravity’ parody by Daniel Hubbard

If you’re still undecided about whether to see Gravity, the latest space flick starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney then watch this video from filmmaker Daniel Hubbard…it won’t help at all but it’s too funny not to share! IKEA… At… Continue Reading

Pick n Mix Film Reviews – choose the review to suit you

Love films? Can’t decide what to see? Easily persuaded by audacious, intelligent, sexy film reviewers….??? (Ahem) Check out Constant Scribbler’s PICK ‘N’ MIX FILM REVIEWS. OPTION 1: You’ve got time to kill and would prefer to enjoy an in depth… Continue Reading

Five Worst Comic Book Movies (Marvel & DC Universe)

Five comic adaptations from the Marvel and DC Universes that should never have been made: Catwoman (2004) Dir: Pitof Starring: Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson Halle Berry and a tight leather costume: clearly this film was an… Continue Reading