Quality Over Quantity & Defying the ‘Word Count’ Gods

The nightmare began sometime in mid-April Despite being on point with my word count, one evening I had a horrible thought: what if after 50,000 words I didn’t like my story enough to actually shape into a proper novel? That… Continue Reading

Inferno by Dan Brown

I was feeling the equivalent of literary peckishness, so I chose a book that would satisfy my appetite for something ‘light’ to read. **I can hear all of the literary high-brow bods groaning into their china-cupped Earl Gray (with lemon… Continue Reading

The Forbidden Game – L.J. Smith

Before Elena and the Salvatore brothers there was Jenny and her supernatural paramour Julian. Here’s my review of The Forbidden Game by L. J. Smith. (SPOILER ALERT!) The Forbidden Game is made up of three volumes: Volume I: The Hunter (1994) Volume II: The… Continue Reading