Writing, fatigue and f-bombs

Warning: swearing  No energy for lengthy writer’s musings today. I’m writing. Sometimes it’s Story A, sometimes D…probably a line or two from narrative Z…but fuck it…I’m writing. The writing’s at that ugly stage, where I dislike everything. But fuck it…I’m… Continue Reading

Reading for Pleasure? Not when you’re writing a book!

Since, I started writing, with the view of one day publishing my work sometime in the future, hopefully not in a galaxy far, far away – I’ve been reading more than usual. In fact, in the last few months, if… Continue Reading

The Plan is….

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Caution: stream of consciousness post I’m scouring social media and the interwebs for ideas for posts: something that will make my fingertips happy, so I can start tapping away at my keyboard. Instead, I’m sat at… Continue Reading