The Art of War (London Underground Edition)

This is an updated version of a post from 2010 – not much has changed except that now, I am older, wiser and a Veteran Commuter! While  in the UK’s capital city, you will at some point find yourself travelling… Continue Reading

Quality Over Quantity & Defying the ‘Word Count’ Gods

The nightmare began sometime in mid-April Despite being on point with my word count, one evening I had a horrible thought: what if after 50,000 words I didn’t like my story enough to actually shape into a proper novel? That… Continue Reading

Exuberant Imperfection vs Type-A Perfectionist

Organic Story Development A part of the process to write 50,000 words in 30 days is about exploring possibilities, including (but not limited to) allowing stories to develop organically. What do I mean when I talk about ‘organic development? Writing… Continue Reading

Silencing the ‘Inner Naysayer’

So 1,000 words into my 50k-30-day expedition, I’ve noticed the internal whisper of self-sabotage has begun talking louder than usual. I might need some headphones. While out to lunch, Inner Naysayer was dissecting my infant story, “C’mon K, who wants to… Continue Reading