10 signs you haven’t quite come to terms with being a grown-up

1. It’s a ‘school’ night but you resent having to go bed before 11 pm. Instead of settling in for the necessary eight hours you need, you rebelliously cry, “F*ck it! Who needs sleep? Six hours are good enough!” You… Continue Reading

YouTube Round Up #1

I love YouTube. It’s the place where deadlines go to die. 1. Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith demonstrating the Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing. I have busted out all of those moves – except The Twerk – Scribbler don’t Twerk!  2. Trick… Continue Reading

‘Life in Ikea is impossible’ – Viral ‘Gravity’ parody by Daniel Hubbard

If you’re still undecided about whether to see Gravity, the latest space flick starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney then watch this video from filmmaker Daniel Hubbard…it won’t help at all but it’s too funny not to share! IKEA… At… Continue Reading