Guilty Pleasure Films

The Guardian has a new series starting on their film pages called ‘My Guilty Pleasure’. The series will focus on the movies Guardian critics are ashamed to confess they enjoy. Film critic Peter Bradshaw’s guilty viewing is nineties rom-com Notting… Continue Reading

5 Cartoons from the 1980’s That Could Survive A Reboot

Every other film headline is a reboot or a reimaging at the moment, and TV isn’t that far behind (Dallas?).The news of a reboot is usually greeted with sighs of frustration – or in my case, a multiple tweet rant… Continue Reading

Joshua Hoffine’s Horror Photography

Copyright: Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine is a freelance photographer, who demonstrates his passion for the horror genre in his photography. His work is amazing and he has made a fan out of me. His series of photographs based on childhood nightmares is deliciously… Continue Reading

YouTube Round Up #1

I love YouTube. It’s the place where deadlines go to die. 1. Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith demonstrating the Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing. I have busted out all of those moves – except The Twerk – Scribbler don’t Twerk!  2. Trick… Continue Reading