‘The Storm Within’ – My Two-Part Article on X-Men’s Storm

I wrote a two-part article on X-Men’s Storm. Read it here on BlackGirlNerds.com The Storm Within: How Ororo Munroe went from BGN icon to on-screen disappointment Read part one here Read part two here    

Five Worst Comic Book Movies (Marvel & DC Universe)

Five comic adaptations from the Marvel and DC Universes that should never have been made: Catwoman (2004) Dir: Pitof Starring: Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt, Lambert Wilson Halle Berry and a tight leather costume: clearly this film was an… Continue Reading

My work in pictures…An Interview with Siku

In August 2008, I interviewed the artist Siku about his work on 2000 AD comics and the creation of The Manga Bible. I was invited to the artist’s home, where I was surrounded by his vast collection of books and… Continue Reading

Ross and Krueger’s “Project Superpowers”

Dynamite Entertainment recycles superheroes for new series   Summer 2009 sees the release of Project Superpowers: Chapter Two, the anticipated follow up series from Alex Ross and Jim Krueger.   The pair originally teamed up under the banner of Dynamite… Continue Reading