My work in pictures…An Interview with Siku

In August 2008, I interviewed the artist Siku about his work on 2000 AD comics and the creation of The Manga Bible.

I was invited to the artist’s home, where I was surrounded by his vast collection of books and comics. We sat and talked for so long that it didn’t feel like an interview at all.

This ended up being a great piece to write up! I had so much material, the Editor and I decided to go for a full 3-page feature in Flavour-UK’s annual magazine, which is directly associated with the company’s Summer showcase for British talent.

The layout of this feature really communicates Siku’s talent…no wonder The Manga Bible sold out in the UK and USA after its initial release!

Siku went on to release Manga Jesus ( a three volume collection), detailing the life of the Christian Messiah like a comic book superhero.

Interview with Siku page 1

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The BBC’s report on The Manga Bible:

The Bible has had a radical make-over in a graphic comic-book style, which aims to reach out to school pupils.

The Manga Bible has been condemned by an evangelical Christian group as “inappropriate”.

Robert Pigott reports.


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