Love in the Time of Skyrim

Recently, I was trying to persuade my cousin to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

I was enthusiastically recalling my adventures across Tamriel:

Me: “….and this one time I was up a mountain, and Fos-Ro-Dahed this dude off a cliff…”

Cuz: “Doesn’t MightyO mind you always being on the PS3?”

Me: “No! He encourages me. Anyway, we often share gaming time.”

Cuz: “What? You let him play on your profile? As your character?”

Me: “Yeeeesssss? Why wouldn’t I?”

Cuz: “Wow! That’s love!”

*starts laughing*

Me: *confused expression that he can’t see because duh(!) talking online*

The (nerdy) truth is that MightyO and I enjoy watching the other play Skyrim. In fact, we’ve kind of formed our own tag-team.

At crucial moments, we hand over the controller to:

  1. Defeat a particularly nasty bad guy
  2. Find a way out or in to the next mission
  3. Climb a steep mountain – because in Skyrim, it’s an art form!
  4. Allow the other to eat, drink or take a ‘comfort break’

While my cousin thought this was funny, he was still amazed that any serious gamer would let their other half near their character. But my response was instinctive:

“Don’t marry someone you wouldn’t trust with your Elder Scrolls profile.”

Skyrim fans get all the LOLZ

Skyrim fans get all the LOLZ

Off the cuff aphorisms, deep-rooted in geekery? Yeah, I’m here all day.

*selfie high-five *

Now, if you’re not a geek/nerd/gamer you might wonder what’s the fuss? It’s just a videogame right?


*levels up speech to 99 by standing on soap box*

Listen here!

It’s not just a game. We’re talking hours of your life spent crafting characters that become real and solid.

Any RPG’er can tell you that all good games start with detailed character creation. What’s their backstory? How did they get that scar under their left eye? Why did they align with the underdogs? What makes them a good thief/mage/leader/orc?

When I created S’arwen (Wood Elf in case you’re wondering) the first question my husband asked me was what’s her story? Who was she? Why had she been captured by the Imperials? Since, we’re both character-led writers, characterisation is of the utmost importance!

But I’m rambling (it happens). My point is, I’ve married someone who fully embraces my awesome geekery and encourages it tenfold! It’s because of him, the third era of gaming is dawning in my life (see what I did there Skyrim fans?).

Moral of the story: Why tie yourself to someone you wouldn’t be willing to share a controller with? Marry someone who can be trusted not to blow up half of Whiterun (and then save it!) while you go and make coffee. Simples.


PS: I make absolutely no apologies if you don’t know what the eff I’m talking about *because* my blog mate!


Image credits: Shaoran