Silencing the ‘Inner Naysayer’

So 1,000 words into my 50k-30-day expedition, I’ve noticed the internal whisper of self-sabotage has begun talking louder than usual. I might need some headphones.

While out to lunch, Inner Naysayer was dissecting my infant story, “C’mon K, who wants to read that kind of story anyway?”

“Well, I do!” I replied defensively, brandishing wooden chopsticks

“If you say so,” Clearly not believing me, “personally, I think you’re delusional!”

“I’m not listening to you!”  I ended that conversation very quickly and proceeded to lose myself in an episode of Chuck on Netflix. *head in sitcom sand*

Four blank white speech bubbles

Chris Baty author of No Plot, No Problem, talks about this in some detail. Additionally, it’s also very important to read the “Month-Long Novelist Agreement and Statement of Understanding” frequently:

I understand that I am a talented person, capable of heroic acts of creativity, and I will give myself enough time over the course of the next month to allow my innate gifts to come to the surface, unmolested by self-doubt, self-criticism, and other acts of self-bullying.

So Inner Naysayer here’s what I think…why don’t you go and take a flying *beep* while you go and *beep*, *beep* and *beep*! Oh, and while you’re there why don’t you just go and *beep* yourself! I got sh*t to write!

Signing off.